Are You Ready to Make Career Progress?

Are You Ready to Make Career Progress?

Are you sitting back or leaning forward?

The following actions can ensure you are ready to work and advance in your career.

Put yourself out:

Taking risks ensures you are challenging yourself. You may feel uncomfortable but this will pay off as challenge leads to professional growth. Putting your ego on the line actually makes movement and progress possible, staying too comfortable doesn’t. Taking risks enables you to grow and change because your environment is constantly changing around you.  

Stay connected:

When you connect with others do so in a generous way. Tim Sanders the author of Love is the Killer App says to give compassion, information and any connections you have to others. Being giving helps the bond between you grow and doors open for you. Sometimes the generosity comes right back at you. If you are generous first, you have a right to ask. So take one ask with you to your networking meetings, but make sure you have opened the door by giving first.

Build your expertise:

Stay current by learning about trends, issues, and advances in your field. Seek out opportunities to advance your skillset and learn. Dig in and resolve problems others are having trouble with and unable to resolve. Problems can be resolved through research and thought. You can choose to advance your learning within any problem area that pops up for you personally or in your field. In that way, you become an expert.

Learn to tell your story:

Your skill set has been developed through your past experience. Figure out how you gained expertise and talk about skillsets you are motivated to develop further. You can use these stories and trajectories to convey your motivation. You can also ask others how you could use and advance these skillsets thereby developing them further.

Be responsive:

Say yes to invitations; respond to emails, texts, and calls. This activity will make you visible and your input and presence will be felt. In this way, you will be leaning into assisting others and developing your connections in your field and community. Making your presence felt by others gives them a sense that you are a person who makes progress and they will know you are ready to work and make advances in your career.

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