What are Your Priorities this Year?

What are Your Priorities this Year?

Over the fall I have been tapping into my body, heart and spirit awareness. I am finding it is so much nicer than letting my mind lead the way.

What is your body trying to tell you? I have often read or heard that your body does not lie to you. What is the truth, welcomed or not, that your body is trying to get through to you?

Doing a scan of your body could help you to understand what you need to be doing. If for instance, your body was really tense, you may be in need of deep relaxation. Or maybe your body is very tired indicating you need rest. These may seem like minor signs but they are not. If you resolve these situations you could benefit and appreciate the positive results. Maybe this is the year for you to start a yoga, tai chi or chi gong practice helping you proactively resolve problems with your body increasing your happiness and energy.  

What is your heart trying to tell you? I have been surprised that carrying ancient practices such as meditation leads me to live through my heart.

A life lived with consistent direction from the heart can be more loving, centered and expansive. Your life too could be larger if lived from the heart. This type of direction provides for enhanced compassion and empathy for yourself and others. The world needs so much more heart.   

What is your spirit trying to tell you? Your higher self or soul may be trying to tell you something, however, with our busy lives we may not be quiet or have a slow enough pace where we can hear what it wants us to do. Meandering more, spending time in nature or practicing some centering activity can help us realize the changes our spirit wants from us.

What is your mind telling you? The mind can be a trickster because it can dominate the body, heart, and spirit and not be that wise. If your mind is tamed by the body, heart, and spirit, it can work more effectively. Meditation traditions talk about the wild mind or the mind that acts immorally just so the ego can gain ground. Gaining ground but losing one’s moral compass is very destructive to self and relationships with others.  

Whatever your priorities are this year including body, heart and spirit awareness will enhance your year. All the best in 2019!

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