Get Resilient! Get Hired! Get Promoted!

Get Resilient! Get Hired! Get Promoted!

Companies often hire for attitude because they benefit so much from these positive employees. Your ability to be resilient supports a positive attitude. How can you be this resilient employee with the good attitude? 

When your behaviour aligns with the following resilient behaviours you can promote these benefits to organizations you are applying to or working within.   

Employers benefit from their positive attitude. How can you do this?
  • Be keen and curious, embracing and chasing change and learning
  • Say yes to assignments, even when that means climbing around, under or over walls to progress
  • Play full out giving it your all to benefit both yourself and others
  • Determine who boosts your energy and surround yourself with these people
  • Boost your spirit and fill your mind with positive information, reading, videos or audios
  • Acknowledge and celebrate small wins which will lead to bigger wins
  • Take breaks to re-energize yourself
  • Cherish and embrace laughter and joy when and where it occurs
  • Notice and comment on things you are grateful for 
Employers gain from their focus on the right things. How can you do this?
  • Work hard and keep learning
  • Reinvent yourself as trends within your industry evolve and change
  • Develop a personal mission statement that brings out the best in yourself or is focused on outcomes larger than yourself
  • Motivate those around you by reframing negative situations into possibilities, opportunities, and learning
  • Be professional and optimistic enough to enjoy the adventure in the unexpected
  • Look adversity in the eye and know that with time and effort something good will come of it
  • Create your own destiny by stepping up to what you can do to aid situations
  • Hold onto a positive vision of your team’s and organization’s future especially when things aren’t going well
  • Get centered quickly after you get knocked about by assessing what happened and asking for help and support
Employers benefit from their emphasis on “we” over “me”. How can you do this?
  • Smile at, welcome, and be polite with others
  • Know that relationships are more important than things
  • Befriend and find ways to cheer up your co-workers
  • Notice and let others know when they are doing a good job
  • Be happy for and congratulate others when they succeed

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