Transform the Negative by Facing It

Transform the Negative by Facing It

Thoughts and feelings create mental and energetic patterns. Resisting or chasing away negative self-talk and feelings can actually make them stay with you longer. Facing, accepting and allowing these thoughts or feelings helps to neutralize them. Essentially you need to find a way to accept the things you can control and not beat yourself up about the things you have no control over. When you are clear about what you are dealing with you will be better able to face your situation head-on. You will then be able to get moving forward again and take action. 

Negative situations can take you down a rabbit hole that robs you of a clear focus and energy. People neutralize the negative and thereby take the sting out of difficult thoughts and situations.

Embrace Your Negatives 

Spend time with these thoughts and feelings so that you enable them to take up a smaller part of your thoughts. They will become less of a focus this way. When you feel negative feelings you are embracing and allowing them to exist instead of pushing them away. When you push away the issues, they will eventually rear their ugly head again and when they do it may be worse than if you had dealt with it initially. There is also a chance that ignoring the negative thoughts may cause you health problems. This is why working with a counsellor can help or assist you in getting over a difficult situation that you have gone through. By talking to a professional and getting your thoughts and feelings out this enables your negative thoughts to occupy less space in your mind. People also talk with friends and family assisting with the same type of process, thereby lowering the sting or need for rumination on a difficult situation. 

Watch Yourself

When you are having negative thoughts and feelings watch yourself and become aware of your thoughts. All religions of the world have centering prayers. By centering yourself and watching yourself you will tap into your higher self. Your higher self can neutralize the negative by watching undesirable emotions and thoughts and help you realize that they are not the core of you. Sometimes your thoughts consist of negative opinions or feelings of other people, which you have taken on. Getting in touch with your own values, and what is most important to you such as compassion, love, or self-care can help you distance from the negative opinions of others. By centering and watching yourself you can let these thoughts and feelings go.  

Make Your Fears and Complaints into a Growth Challenge

Choose to see through your fears and complaints. Each of your fears and complaints give you opportunities to neutralize these patterns and turn them into positives. You will need to grow and get stronger to truly neutralize a fear or complaint though. What opportunity exists if you were to challenge your fears or complaints and focus on making them breakthrough opportunities? You may sense and know that by focusing on these specific growth opportunities you will grow and overcome your issues. 

What will you do to face and tackle your negative self-talk? 

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