5 Ways a Resilient Attitude Will Benefit Your Career and Work Search

5 Ways a Resilient Attitude Will Benefit Your Career and Work Search

Some people hire and retain for attitude. A resilient attitude may help you with this and in other ways as well. The following sections and bullets list ways to show you how holding a resilient attitude can benefit your career or work search.  

1. Having an Optimistic Attitude:

Being optimistic about the future and believing that good things do and will happen helps keep adversity in perspective. When the going gets tough in your career or the work search, remember this too shall pass and good things will again come your way. Here are a few suggestions to help increase your optimism by:

  • noticing what went well in your day, week, and month,
  • determining what you are gaining in the work search in the way of skills, and contacts,
  • noticing the balancing effects that not working brings to your life; more time with family, and friends,
  • putting the work search or your career in perspective, trying not to take an industry downturn or layoff personally, and
  • noticing how you have positively changed over the course of your career or your work search.

 2. Being Socially Connected:

Cultivating your relationships and network will benefit you. You will need to ensure you bring benefit to others along the way. You can do this by: 

  • taking the time to invite your network to an interesting industry event,
  • sending your network a relevant article you found online,
  • interacting with groups online in a way that contributes to members success,
  • supporting others by volunteering in your industry, or community, and
  • learning new skills and making new contacts where you volunteer (it truly feels good to help others).

 3. Accepting Help:

If you need support and help along the way, you can ask for it and give yourself permission to be on the receiving end of support by:

  • getting advice from others you admire,
  • asking others who have been through a similar situation about how they succeeded,
  • reading a positive book or blog that supports you,
  • going to support groups or joining virtual ones on Facebook or other social media,
  • getting support in the form of career counselling or help from a therapist if you are getting in your own way.

 4. Welcoming Change:

How can welcoming change help you in your career or work search? Adapting to changes that occur in industries and the workplace requires that you work on your ability to welcome change. Here are a few tips on how to manage and be more flexible to change by:

  • flexing to the needs of bosses, others in your team, search professionals, and people in your network,
  • adapting to the feedback and being receptive to trends in your industry,
  • being prepared to transfer industries if the one you are in is in a downturn,
  • leaning into feedback and being curious about others' opinions, and
  • learning from the missteps, you make along the way and modifying your approach.

5. Being Grateful:

The work search is full of rejection so balancing this out with gratitude will enhance your energy levels and mood. Your career itself can also be difficult from time to time. Here are some ideas to put gratitude to work. You might try being grateful for:

  • the people who invite you to coffee and who are truly there for you,
  • the growth and learning you are gaining in your career or during work search process,
  • for what you already have, noticing the small joys and successes in your day, 
  • the skills and character you are developing, and
  • the life and career lessons you are learning along the way in your career or the work search process.

Which of the 5 areas is your career or work search needing the most? You can utilize these 5 resilient attitudes to support your progress in your work search and career in general, obtaining the work and projects you desire.  

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