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For Career Success Ride a Trend

For Career Success Ride a Trend

I remember coaching a geologist client a few years ago. He saw the oil industry suffering from multiple layoffs. He decided to take a risk and took a one-year data science master’s degree. His foresight and risk-taking paid off. He switched fields early in the data science lifecycle, during the introductory time frame. This ensured he was employed quickly after completing this degree.

Many people hang onto their jobs in dying industries and professions. Careers and industries have life cycles, just like products/businesses do. If an industry is in the decline phase of its life cycle, there will continue to be declining employment levels. In Alberta, for instance, oil and beef are declining industries. Sustainable energy and plant-based foods are growing/trending industries.

I understand why people hang on. They may have invested a lot of money, time and themselves in a certain industry. They may not want to give all that up. They may feel they don’t have the capacity or energy to invest into a new field.

Luckily, everyone is proficient at skills that can be transferred to other fields. One needs to explore what skillset growing industries require and compare that to their current skills. Let’s go back to the geologist example. Geologists have developed complex analytical skills. Data scientists also require this skill.

A geologist can adapt this skillset analyzing new datasets and utilizing software that the data scientist field requires of them. The learning curve would not be as steep for geologists because of their transferable skill.

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What This Blog is About

What This Blog is About

Welcome to The Resilience Blog.

The topics in this blog help you be more resilient in your career and as a leader. I write about ways to gain momentum and positively move through blocks that get in the way of your goals. I post articles on the blog about once a week. 

When I did my research study for my Ph.D., I got to conduct interviews with a number of successful and admired leaders. What fascinated me about them was how resilient they were. They had grown into leaders who could make things happen by demonstrating their resilience, confidence, and adaptive behaviours. I will teach you how to use and apply these resilient behaviours in your leadership and career leading to new levels of success. 

I am completing a book on Career Grit, which will include content and themes that will appear in the blog. If you have a story about overcoming challenges and becoming increasingly resilient in the process, I would love hearing about it. 

I am passionate about these career related topics:

  • methods to positively connect with others,
  • ways to lean into feedback,
  • reframing negative experiences,
  • making progress on your goals,
  • methods to enhance your positive impact, and
  • meeting challenges.

In the leadership area I enjoy focusing on: 

  • creating a safe environment, 
  • being more positive in your self-management and with your team,
  • raising your self-awareness,
  • bringing safety along with you wherever you go,
  • being able to have tough conversations when needed,
  • building trust, and 
  • ensuring your team performs. 

I hope you sign up for the blog soon and that you and your team apply these resilient behaviours thereby increasing your success.

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