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How Taking Responsibility for Our Lives and Careers Leads to Resilience

How Taking Responsibility for Our Lives and Careers Leads to Resilience

When I taught a class this month at our local university on the topic of Career Renewal and Resilience I had participants look at lists of fears and blocks that get in the way of their career success. I noticed some of the participants reacted to the topic of taking more responsibility in our lives and career. So this topic has been on my mind over the past week.

If you feel in charge of your life and work, possibilities can open up for you. When you take the time and effort to create your life, you become empowered and are not just a passive recipient of circumstances.  

What goals could you set if you dove into the following topics?

a) Ensuring you are doing some activities that make you happy?

b) Noting what you could be grateful for and demonstrating a great attitude?

c) Ensuring your thoughts are as positive as possible?

d) Noticing what is going well and letting that carry you forward?

e) Realizing what you are good at and interested in?

f) Acting on your goals?

g) Understanding other people’s perspectives?

h) Noticing others humanity and forgiving offenses?

i) Being involved in meaningful and important activities?

I don’t know about you but sometimes I don’t have a way to bring myself into a more positive state. I notice that people who are growing and on a spiritual path can offer me suggestions on different ways of looking at things from a broader perspective. This helps me learn to use my whole self in getting better outcomes.

The internet and reading material can also help us to gain new methods of dealing with things that are limiting us. We can google any topic and learn more about it. Our local public library has numerous books, videos and online resources that can help me be more resilient. A couple of books I have enjoyed lately are No Fears, No Excuses: What You Need to Do to Have a Great Career by Larry Smith and Flourish by Martin Seligman.

Often what might be getting in our way are ingrained patterns of thinking and behaving. Diving into a topic and investing some effort to learn and potentially become an expert on a topic can help you remove blocks and move you into your full potential.  

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How to Stay Resilient

How to Stay Resilient

This poster represents ways to stay encouraged and resilient. When we use our courage to get up and move forward in our day, good things will eventually happen. 

There are a number of ways to create positive actions in the poster.

  1. Asking ourselves what went well today, helps us to see our skills and the skills in the network of people we have around us. Asking this question generates positive momentum as well. 
  2. Giving ourselves and others the benefit of the doubt is such a positive action. When we see the negatives in ourselves and others the world around us shrinks. However, when we see the positives within ourselves and others the world opens up. 
  3. Network with others and don't be afraid to meet and talk with others. I remember reading somewhere that it only takes one person to change your life. One person can bring another person or opportunity to you. So reach out to others and they will, in turn, reach out to you. Building community is also building support in your work and life. 
  4. Being prepared for meetings and being lively or passionate with others you spontaneously meet leaves a positive impression with others. This can lead to more contact and opportunities. 
  5. Sometimes we dwell on what went wrong in the day. A good way to work with this is to redo the scenario in your imagination making the situation a success. By doing this you are practicing how you want to handle a similar situation in the future. 
  6. In a difficult situation, you can be generative with it by seeing the cup half full. What can you learn and how can you keep working on or trying in this situation? The only time you need to label this a failure is if you quit trying to learn or improve. 
  7. Dive into new areas in your field. What new trends are affecting your field? How can you dive into learning more about them? In this way, you stay on top of areas as they develop. 
  8. Volunteering to do things helps you develop your skillset. Often doing things others don't want to do, like taking notes at a meeting, can help you learn important information that others aren't privy to. 

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What This Blog is About

What This Blog is About

Welcome to The Resilience Blog.

The topics in this blog help you be more resilient in your career and as a leader. I write about ways to gain momentum and positively move through blocks that get in the way of your goals. I post articles on the blog about once a week. 

When I did my research study for my Ph.D., I got to conduct interviews with a number of successful and admired leaders. What fascinated me about them was how resilient they were. They had grown into leaders who could make things happen by demonstrating their resilience, confidence, and adaptive behaviours. I will teach you how to use and apply these resilient behaviours in your leadership and career leading to new levels of success. 

I am completing a book on Career Grit, which will include content and themes that will appear in the blog. If you have a story about overcoming challenges and becoming increasingly resilient in the process, I would love hearing about it. 

I am passionate about these career related topics:

  • methods to positively connect with others,
  • ways to lean into feedback,
  • reframing negative experiences,
  • making progress on your goals,
  • methods to enhance your positive impact, and
  • meeting challenges.

In the leadership area I enjoy focusing on: 

  • creating a safe environment, 
  • being more positive in your self-management and with your team,
  • raising your self-awareness,
  • bringing safety along with you wherever you go,
  • being able to have tough conversations when needed,
  • building trust, and 
  • ensuring your team performs. 

I hope you sign up for the blog soon and that you and your team apply these resilient behaviours thereby increasing your success.

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