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How to Stay Resilient

How to Stay Resilient

This poster represents ways to stay encouraged and resilient. When we use our courage to get up and move forward in our day, good things will eventually happen. 

There are a number of ways to create positive actions in the poster.

  1. Asking ourselves what went well today, helps us to see our skills and the skills in the network of people we have around us. Asking this question generates positive momentum as well. 
  2. Giving ourselves and others the benefit of the doubt is such a positive action. When we see the negatives in ourselves and others the world around us shrinks. However, when we see the positives within ourselves and others the world opens up. 
  3. Network with others and don't be afraid to meet and talk with others. I remember reading somewhere that it only takes one person to change your life. One person can bring another person or opportunity to you. So reach out to others and they will, in turn, reach out to you. Building community is also building support in your work and life. 
  4. Being prepared for meetings and being lively or passionate with others you spontaneously meet leaves a positive impression with others. This can lead to more contact and opportunities. 
  5. Sometimes we dwell on what went wrong in the day. A good way to work with this is to redo the scenario in your imagination making the situation a success. By doing this you are practicing how you want to handle a similar situation in the future. 
  6. In a difficult situation, you can be generative with it by seeing the cup half full. What can you learn and how can you keep working on or trying in this situation? The only time you need to label this a failure is if you quit trying to learn or improve. 
  7. Dive into new areas in your field. What new trends are affecting your field? How can you dive into learning more about them? In this way, you stay on top of areas as they develop. 
  8. Volunteering to do things helps you develop your skillset. Often doing things others don't want to do, like taking notes at a meeting, can help you learn important information that others aren't privy to. 

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