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Lead with Your Strengths during the Work Search

Lead with Your Strengths during the Work Search

This blog outlines a method of putting your best foot forward using the analogy of a boat. If you are the boat and your positive self is represented by the front of the boat or bow. If your bow is made up by stacking your skills, strengths, and accomplishments one on top the other, you would be leading with your strengths. Leading with your bow ensures that you would be going in the right direction, in an upright and proud manner.

Branding is the message you want to convey about yourself when marketing and should include the positives above. Your branding could also include ways that you add value and details about the strategic advantages you bring to the workplace.

So add up these positives about yourself and lead with them. Leading with your strengths will get you where you want to go and your ability to network, interview, positively impact others and gain work will increase exponentially.

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