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Embracing a New Season

Embracing a New Season

The fall (winter) has come in like a lion where I live. It is usually quite nice here until the end of October, and then the snow stays. However, it has been a very different fall this year. It has snowed a lot. This is very early in the season and much of the snow continues to stick around.

I was wondering how to resiliently deal with this abrupt change, rather than getting grumpy about it.

Here are some ways to embrace an early winter:

  1. Create time and space for self-reflection. Making time for quiet in your work and life can help you understand and get on top of your needs, desires, and goals.
  2. Go for a walk in the snow. The snow tends to make your walking quieter allowing for time to reflect on your thoughts and feelings.
  3. Play in the snow. Exercise your muscles by getting the snow off your car in a playful way, or build a snowman or make a snow angel. There must be many fun things to do with all this white stuff, limited only by our imaginations.
  4. Buy yourself a gorgeous toque. I keep seeing these lovely ones with lots of Nordic patterning or ones with a beautifully stylish and furry pompom on top.
  5. Journal or talk with a good friend while enjoying a warm drink (hot chocolate, tea, latte, coffee, pumpkin or turmeric spiced, etc.). This helps you get in touch with how you are feeling so that you can deal with and manage those feelings.
  6. Get out your skates, snowshoes, or cross-country skis. As you know being active has many benefits.
  7. Layer your clothing so that you will stay warm. You can always take one layer off if you are too warm.
  8. Get those wonderful winter boots out and ready or buy a new pair if yours are worn out.
  9. Create a cozy corner in your house. This may mean a place to meditate, read or do a hobby. Make it cozy by including blankets, pillows or a heating pad.
  10. Warm yourself up whenever you need to. I notice in the Nordic countries people either sauna or sit in hot water to keep warm all year around. It can be as simple as a hot bath with Epson salts, soaking in a hot tub, or enjoying a wood or infrared sauna, or steam. The infrared option helps remove toxins as well.

Hoping that these ideas help you embrace and enjoy this fall/winter and that you are able to appreciate the season all the more by welcoming some of the opportunities it brings for warmth, creativity and reflection.

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