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Your focus can help you climb up and out of a problem

Your focus can help you climb up and out of a problem

I listened to a woman this week talk about a difficult experience she went through. Her daughter was doing some volunteer work in South America and a boulder came down from a mountainside and randomly hit her.

After the mother’s initial shock and horror at hearing very difficult news about her daughter, she was able to dig deep within herself and find some positive things to support herself. She realized that her daughter had lived an amazing life, even if she didn’t survive this situation. Making positive meaning out of her daughter’s life enabled this mother to cope with a very difficult situation with more centeredness and capability, which enabled a more positive result for her daughter.

Is there a way to visualize something positive from your adverse experience that you can build on? What if anything can you control in this situation? Can you look for the opportunity or positive side of the adversity? What story could you tell yourself that would enable you to get your power or meaning back? Are you focusing on the darkness within or the light at the end of the tunnel?

The light can support you, the darkness may not. It may be important to support yourself by telling yourself hopeful and positive stories.

By digging deep and asking yourself these questions you may be able to find threads of hopefulness and positivity that you can build on. These threads could support you to positively cope with the adversity, leading to more coping, and your ability to climb up and out of a problem.


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Written by : Mary-ann

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