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Expressing Gratitude for Mother Earth

Expressing Gratitude for Mother Earth

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better. Albert Einstein

Gratitude expands our ability to feel good and can even positively affect our health. So with this in mind, I wanted to write about being grateful for what nature provides.

If we look more deeply at how the earth supports us we can be pleasantly surprised.

I am grateful for the park near my house. The trees there help turn carbon dioxide into oxygen for us to breathe. I am grateful for the earth that holds me in place. I am grateful for the moisture in the clouds that falls down as rain and snow. We need this water to sustain us.

We need to teach people to go into their backyards, that real healing is all around us. Margi Flint

I am realizing the floors that my feet are on in my house are oak. The oak tree gave its life so I could have a nice floor to walk on. The wooden joints in the walls are also made from trees. The ceramic tiles in my kitchen are made of earth.

My car is made from metal, given to me via the earth. My wedding ring is metal and the diamond is from a Canadian mine. So many things around me have come from mother earth.

What are you grateful for that Mother Nature has provided?

I am wondering how I can properly express my gratitude.

How can I thank the trees, the clouds, and the earth for the gifts given?

When we treat the earth with respect reverence and wonder, we honor nature.

  • Every time we recycle something we are honoring the earth.
  • When we live minimally with a light footprint we honor the earth and its natural systems.
  • When we walk, bike, or take public transit we have minimal impact on the environment.
  • If we put solar panels on our homes we create energy and pollute the atmosphere less.

So thank you mother nature our hostess and home…

May we be grateful for all you have given…

May we walk lightly…

May we be healed and whole knowing all that we have to behold….


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Written by : Mary-ann

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