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Flexing like a Willow Tree will Help us Thrive

Flexing like a Willow Tree will Help us Thrive

The willow tree realized that her ability to survive was due to her flexibility and adaptability as she was able to bend with the wind to weather the storm (from the fable of the willow and oak tree).

Are we able to flex with the current circumstances? I watched a T.V. show the other night called Restaurants Impossible. Disclaimer: I love watching programs on transformation. They were helping a restaurant to deal with the changes due to covid 19 restrictions. The restaurant also had a prior reputation for being unclean. One might think this was a nightmare. The advantage the restaurant owners had is that they made delicious food. They readily made changes with the support of a restaurant consultant to start making takeout meals, build a website, and advertise the takeout to diners coming to the restaurant and on a local radio station. They also showed a current “A” rating of cleanliness on their website and stated what improvements to cleaning goes on currently. The restaurant became viable again; the takeout food now provides 40 percent of their income. They had support with some great ideas and the energy to flex and adapt. They were able to stay afloat in this difficult atmosphere.

It represents a good lesson in being adaptable to what is happening in our environment. What is the environment telling us? People are restricted, so what is changing that impacts our careers? The black lives matter and me two movements are also occurring, how are they impacting workplaces?

Some trends include more

  • online activity,
  • technology,
  • take-out,
  • convenience foods,
  • in-home cooking,
  • isolation,
  • need for support,
  • being and feeling housebound,
  • time,
  • simplification of life for some,
  • complication due to looking after children at home,
  • people and families being outside,
  • more telephone conversations and zoom instead of face to face,
  • remote work,
  • ability to work from any location,
  • data collection,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • skills needed for competitive advantage,
  • inclusiveness,
  • designing roles for resilience,
  • complexity of organizational management due to employees in multiple locations,
  • and use of a contingent workforce.

If you are an entrepreneur being flexible to these changes can help your business survive. If you are working for an organization assisting them with flexing to these changes can ensure you are adding value in your workplace and therefore making you employable through change and time.

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Written by : Mary-ann

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