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Reframing the Current Situation Looking for Opportunities

 Reframing the Current Situation Looking for Opportunities

Many people are experiencing difficulty in their careers due to the lockdowns and isolation required of us during the pandemic. Some businesses are closing because of the restrictions on people’s behaviors and movements.

What if we reframed the circumstances we are having right now, focusing on making the most of our time and efforts?

Reframing is when we change and deepen the current assumptions we hold and place another frame that fits the facts of the situation better, thereby changing the meaning of the situation. Reframing within career planning is often used to help a person come to terms with a change or help them enhance their progress. It is used to create an understanding of the situation and motivation. Reframing helps create a different perception in situations where things aren’t working and we feel stuck.

Some questions we can ask:

What career opportunities currently exist due to trends?

How could you make the most of quiet and time due to self-isolation to make advances in your career or field right now?

What opportunities are open to you right now for learning important skills that are needed currently and will be needed in the future?

If you were to use your time to deepen your work, based on your current motivation and trends, what could you do?

How will you need to utilize your time and energy in different and new ways to benefit yourself the most?

A few career trends include:


Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

Information Security

Data Scientist

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Technology

Genetic Engineer

Smart Home Technologist

End of Life Manager

Organizational Disruptor

Links to current career trends:

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Written by : Mary-ann

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