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Opening Yourself Up to Increase Your Resilience Levels

Opening Yourself Up to Increase Your Resilience Levels

Here are 8 benefits to opening yourself up to ideas, others, and experiences.

Finding optimal solutions: If we are open we can find solutions and optimize our situations. We can unlock blocks to our progress and find solutions to our problems. This means being open and facing our problems head-on. We need to delve deeply into blocks and problems so we can route out the answers. Some people have the courage and tenacity to do this and when they do they are rewarded with tangible progress.

Staying relevant: Being open to ideas and input helps our relevance in the marketplace. We know what we know, but at the same time, we are not aware of what we don’t know. The input of others assists us to learn what trends are important to customers and employers in our careers and fields. Employers and customers know what they need and these represent trends in our industry or the broader community. Knowing this we will know what skillsets and expertise to pursue because these are required in the marketplace.

Increased confidence levels: It takes confidence or a strong sense of self to reach out to others. When we are able to do this we can more gain confidence, thereby reinforcing our confidence levels, through the experience of interacting with others. We can gain ideas, feedback, knowledge of developments, and opportunities in the process. We are also able to expand our horizons by reaching out to others.

Continuous learning: Being open to new ideas enhances our ability to continue learning. Whether through our own desire and motivation or out of necessity, learning can enhance our lives and career. Engaging our curiosity and working with something new can help to raise our energy and engagement levels. Our world can flourish when we open to the energy that learning creates.

Enhanced flexibility: When we are open we are able to flex with the various situations that occur. We can’t always predict what will happen and how we need to respond. If we are open, we can eventually find out how to deal with anything that happens to us. Sometimes that means letting go of control, accepting what life is presenting, and going with that instead of fighting it. Letting go increases our ability to tolerate diverse viewpoints and unexpected events as these will inevitably occur around us.  

Being mentally strong: Understanding yourself or others’ backgrounds helps you put into context why people do what they do. Being open to learning about any topic or experience that impacted you or others will give you strength. We can feel more centered or grounded by knowing more about experiences that impact us deeply.

Enhanced decision making: When we open ourselves to feedback from others our decision-making improves. If we decide on our at times this works, however, at other times we need to broaden the parameters of our thinking and decision making to ensure our solutions and methods are more robust. When we open ourselves to others' input our decisions are going to be stronger to the broader group or market.

Increased optimism and positivity: When you are open, you expand your ability to make positive changes even out of negative situations. I have read of people who were able through open-heartedness to forgive people that did awful things to them or members of their family. They were able to find meaning in extending themselves positively in a situation that would bring most people to their knees. So finding the higher meaning and doing something about the situation can ensure we generate positivity. This openness enables us to be empowered by what happens to us instead of victims of it.

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Written by : Mary-ann

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