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Exercising Your Way Through A Crisis

Exercising Your Way Through A Crisis

I listened to a talk by Daniel Miller the other day. He was talking about keeping yourself healthy through the crisis we are going through.

He recommended doing 10,000 steps a day. His rationale for doing this is based on history. He said we were once hunter/gatherers and that if we didn’t move we didn’t eat.

He stated that if we don’t move we don’t deserve to eat now. So if you are eating you need to get moving to keep the body healthy and in balance.

He said to get an accountability partner and support each other. I decided to use a checkmark on my calendar as my accountability. If there is no checkmark we go for a walk after dinner.

It is fun exploring new paths while checking out the neighborhood.

So I wanted to share this wisdom with you.

I’m still not up to 10,000 steps a day, but feeling lighter and calmer through self-isolation.

Written by : Mary-ann

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