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Turning Your Blocks into Gold

Turning Your Blocks into Gold

Often with time, the areas of pain and blocks to progress can become gifts for your life’s trajectory. What has been the fruit of your difficulties?

I have lived a life of dipping into things that confused or stopped me. I have ended up loving learning, growth, and development. This love and motivation have paid off as I got to work with people coaching and guiding them towards increased resilience and career success. What stopped me has become a source of motivation and strength.

What we fear can stop us, though and end up owning us, if we don’t figure out ways through the blocks.

What are you afraid of?

If networking makes you afraid, learn enough about it that it doesn’t stop you and block your progress. You won’t be deterred from networking if you do this.

If trying something new that you aren’t good at causes you fear, purposely dive into it and give it a go. When you move through your fear, you increase your resilience.

If you are afraid that there are no jobs in your field, create work for yourself by helping a company that is growing or learning how to run your own company. If you do this you will no doubt need to learn how to sell yourself, your service or product. The great thing is that everyone needs to learn this skill, so the earlier the better.

Digging deep, learning and working hard can take you on a trajectory of growth and employment. This effort can take you on a pathway onwards and upwards toward attaining your goals and increasing your success.

Written by : Mary-ann

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