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Are you too comfortable in your current situation? Do you need methods to challenge yourself?

Are you too comfortable in your current situation? Do you need methods to challenge yourself?

The 10 points below will help bring you methods to challenge yourself and get out of the status quo.

  1. Identify your personal and professional goals to ensure you keep progressing. Write down your goals and let those close to you know what they are. If you aim high it is best to set big, audacious goals.
  2. Never stop learning. Attend a class in your field every couple of months to keep your finger on trends and keep progressing. This learning will renew your expertise and expand your knowledge in your field.
  3. Identify the learning when you don’t succeed. Then be sure to spend time learning the lesson well.
  4. When you do succeed, identify why this happened and remember to apply this again in a new situation.
  5. Be honest with yourself. Discover what strengths you have and your areas for improvement. Don’t be afraid to discuss the times you applied your strengths with others. This highlights areas that easily motivate you and will round out your understanding of the use of your strengths. Work on your areas for improvement to limit the damage this could cause to your life and career.
  6. Crave feedback and ask for it. You will strengthen your ability to hear constructive feedback and learn ideas that will help you succeed over the long term.
  7. Choose the road not taken. Lose your fear of the unknown and look into pathways that are not where everyone else is going. By doing this you strengthen your ability to do new things.
  8. Be curious and interested in new people, and new ideas. This will keep your mind and your social circle fresh. There is so much going on these days expanding your social circle is good for you as new people will bring forward new topics that you couldn’t know alone.
  9. Narrow your learning and expertise so you can become an expert in a topic. Spending time on topics that motivate you helps you create knowledge and expertise. When you do this you will recognize and realize your power to create.
  10. Determine what you are afraid of and dive into these areas. Looking at your fears directly makes them shrink or go away.

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Written by : Mary-ann

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