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Stepping Outside External Pressures to Ensure Resilience

Stepping Outside External Pressures to Ensure Resilience

There are many articles on the internet that talk about how self-care helps build resilience. Resilient people meet the world on their own terms, not aligning too much on external views. So being resilient depends on your ability to look after your own needs regardless of the external pressures around you.

What are some of the external pressures we need to resist?

The Busy Syndrome: It seems in our culture that being busy and doing a lot is a badge of honor. Taking time to sit quietly, walk aimlessly or doing nothing can do you a world of good, bringing stress levels down and resilience up. Taking a cue from nature, like the changing seasons and we need to periodically rest and rejuvenate to be effective.

Take a look at your to-do lists. Try eliminating unnecessary tasks. You could put pleasant activities on it like taking a stroll in the park, meditating or attending a tai chi or yoga class.

The Never Enough Syndrome: No matter what you do it isn’t enough. This attitude keeps you running on a wheel like a hamster. You can counter this by saying to yourself after accomplishing some goals, “This is enough and I am satisfied with my accomplishments today.”

Accepting that you have finite energy and resources helps you to be realistic about what can be accomplished.

The Expert, Other Person Knows What I Should Do Syndrome: Often we think that others know more about what it is we need more than we do ourselves. Your body will tell you what it needs if you tap into it. I keep seeing references to statements that our bodies don’t lie.

Try sitting silently and tap into your body to see how it feels. What thoughts and feelings come to mind? What is your body trying to tell you? What does your body need? Then do what it needs!

The Everything is Fine Syndrome: Often we get out of touch with our body and think all is fine when we are actually running on reserves and taking our body for granted.

A way to see how you really are is to scan your body for tension and take the time to relax this tension throughout the day. I’m reading a book called Deep Listening by Jillian Pransky. The author indicates we should scan our bodies 3 times a day. She even sets her alarm to ensure she taps into her body on particularly stressful days.

Being resilient means stepping outside external pressures looking after your needs so that you can be effective over time.

"We make space inside ourselves, so that being can speak."  Martin Heidegger

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