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Rituals for Resilience

Rituals for Resilience

Rituals are actions that people carry out to enhance their day. Which ones spark your interest?

Morning Rituals

  • Meditate to center yourself
  • List 3 things you are grateful for to lift your spirits
  • Walk for 10 minutes to get more energy for your day
  • Stretch to get your muscles lengthened and moving 
  • Recite a mantra or affirmation to raise your energy

Daytime Rituals

  • Share with others who are there for you
  • Journal if you feel stuck or need to get in touch with yourself
  • Place your hand on your heart to engage your heart in the situations you find yourself in
  • Imagine a place in nature that you love or a person that makes you happy
  • Eat something you enjoy mindfully

Evening Rituals

  • Review 3 things that went well and think about why they went well
  • Think about a situation that went poorly then imagine this event with a better result
  • Wind down before bedtime by slowing down or being quiet
  • Get your outfit or food ready for the next day to ease morning stress
  • Have a bath to soothe yourself and relax

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Written by : Mary-ann

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