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Working With the Ups and Downs of a Work Search

Working With the Ups and Downs of a Work Search

Have you noticed that the end of a really busy day that your thoughts and feelings can turn negative? The next morning’s thoughts and feelings, however after a good night’s sleep, will have improved. The negative state was transformed into a positive one due to your good night’s sleep and elevated energy levels.

If we are also able to just watch our thoughts and feelings during the day, we can begin to notice that they are fleeting. They come and they go. It helps to realize that these thoughts or feelings too shall pass. The awareness of your energy levels and the normal occurrences of the ups and downs in anyone’s work search can help you realize the transient nature of challenging thoughts and feelings.   

Problems occur though when we get stuck in negative patterns of thoughts and feelings. We might be heightening our negativity and believe it is all that will happen to us no matter what others tell us or our past experience has shown us. We might be locked into these patterns and find these difficult thoughts do not go away.

In these circumstances, fear might be in the driver’s seat because of a pressing need for outcomes or finances. If this occurs it usually helps to step back and look at your situation from a broader perspective. You can look for evidence of positive circumstances, opportunities, and possibilities and open yourself up to the fullness of your experiences and eventualities. Most likely both the positive as well as the negative are part and parcel of your current situation and are viable with time and effort in your future.  

Staying in a state of fear, though, can rob us of the energy we need to move forward and advance our situations. Often relaxing and centering ourselves can help us move forward into action and broadened outcomes. Consider the following questions to assist you if you are stuck:

  1. Who in your support network has helped you be your best self and advanced your efforts?
  2. Where did you experience positive outcomes within challenging circumstances? What did you do to enable them?
  3. What has helped you to relax and move forward in the past when you faced difficulties?

Use these questions to assist you, helping you stay determined and progressing in your work search.  

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Written by : Mary-ann

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