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Demonstrate Grit: Take These Steps and Make Progress on Your Goals

Demonstrate Grit: Take These Steps and Make Progress  on Your Goals

These 5 steps will enable you to advance and make breakthroughs toward your goals.

1. Gather Support and Feedback: Ask people in your network who have gone through a similar situation for feedback. Discuss the barriers or blocks that you are struggling with that may be inhibiting your progress. See what feedback and advice they can provide for you to work through your obstacles. Find out what others who you admire would do if they were in your situation. What advice would they provide you? Even if the person hasn’t gone through a similar situation just talking with others you admire enables your best thinking to show up.

2. Imagine You are More Skilled and Resourceful: You can imagine or visualize that you are the person you greatly admire. Ask yourself what they would do if they were in your situation. Then be courageous and do it. This way you challenge yourself to dig deep and work through your blocks to spark action that enables progress. 

3. Increase Your Accountability: Tell supportive others what your goals are so you can increase the likelihood of removing blocks that prevent progress. Sharing your goals will make you more accountable when asked how things are going, which will also increase your chances of getting it done. Some people don’t like to share their goals. If you are one of these people you can write your goals down and look at them often. Doing this can raise your accountability levels. 

4. Take More Responsibility: If you were the only one who could resolve this situation and make progress what would you do? By asking yourself this question, your abilities and resourcefulness will be called upon and emerge.

5. Lean Into The Learning Opportunity: If you knew that by learning about and making progress on your goals your productivity would increase, do you think you would lean into the learning more fully? Assume that the learning on the way to accomplishing your goal will benefit you exponentially. That way you will lean into the problem and approach solutions with more determination and perseverance. 

Try 1-3 of these today. You will make further progress on your goals. 

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Written by : Mary-ann

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